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Mayo Geophysical Services Limited (MayoGeo) is a subsurface imaging company based in Colorado that applies innovative non-invasive geophysical methods to aid real-world geotechnical, environmental and geologic assessments. We are a certified Minority-Owned company through the City and County of Denver, CDOT and RTD.

MayoGeo is experienced in planning and performing geophysical services for void detection, locating rebar and other buried infrastructure, site classification, delineating subsurface boundaries, depth to bedrock and hydrologic applications. We communicate with our clients to design and deliver a safety-focused, cost-effective program based on project objectives, industry experience and higher education.

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Companies for whom we have worked
  • Denver Public Schools
  • Ground Engineering
  • Yeh and Assoc.
  • Shannon & Wilson
  • Tetra Tech
  • HDR
  • CTL Thompson
  • Zonge International
  • Olson Engineering
  • Desert Research Institute
  • CH2MHill
  • Nebraska Public Power District


Depth to Bedrock
Locate Buried Infrastructure

(Rebar, UST and more)

Void Detection
Site Classification


Surfseis DC Plot
Surfseis DC Plot

We are experienced in MASW data acquisition and processing.

SeisOpt ReMi P-F image
SeisOpt ReMi P-F image

Data result using SeisOpt Remi. We use the software to process and interpret the ambient and active energy, from which we produce a 1D sounding or 2D profile.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas

We can collect geophysics in various environments.

Active GPR Acquisition
Active GPR Acquisition

We have experience with different types of geophysical equipment. Ground Penetrating Radar acquisition using GSSI SIR 3000, 200 MHz antenna and survey wheel.

SIR 3000 data result
SIR 3000 data result

Operator reviewing data onsite acquired using the GSSI SIR 3000, 200 MHz antenna and survey wheel.

Road GPR in Haleakala
Road GPR in Haleakala

GPR data acquisition using 4 IDS Hi-Mod dual antenna (400 and 900 MHz) with Panasonic toughbook in Haleakala. Traffic control was present.

GPR project in Minnesota
GPR project in Minnesota

Subsurface scanning of open spaces and nearby parking areas for archaeological ruins. GSSI SIR 3000 with 400 MHz GPR Antenna. Observation of several geophysical anomalies aided future area planning and preservation.

Mining Geophysics
Mining Geophysics

We can acquire data on mine sites. We understand the MSHA regulations and know how to interact with regulators.

Seismic Acquisition in Alaska
Seismic Acquisition in Alaska

Seismic data acquisition near Anchorage in the winter. We managed this helicopter-supported project from preparation to acquisition to report.

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